What is Pilates?
Pilates focuses on the core postural muscles to keep the body balanced and provide support for the spine. Specifically, Pilates exercises teach awareness of neutral alignment of the spine and strengthen the deep muscles of the back and 
abdomen to support this postural alignment, essential to helping alleviate and prevent back pain. Emphasizing mental focus to improve movement efficiency and 
muscle control, and the use of breath to promote mental focusing and centering, Pilates creates length, strength, and flexibility in muscles The Pilates program is named after Joseph Pilates, who originated the system in the early 1900’s. He incorporated resistance using springs into rehabilitation programs for hospitalized patients, later translating the springs into machines to create the unique Reformer equipment now used in Pilates training.
Pilates Equipment
The Pilates Reformer and EXO Chair balances the resistance of springs and the momentum created when you sit or stand on the sliding platform and push off from a stationary bar, using cables and other accessories to build strength, improve balance and create effort. The personalized instruction at The Pilates Room enables you to quickly master simple routines on the classes and progress to more sophisticated moves as you gain confidence and core strength.
What if I’am not that flexible?
No problem! Everyone is starting at a different place with his/her own body. Pilates allows you to lengthen and expand your muscles, helping to release toxins and increase flexibility. 
Will I be sore following my Pilates Class?
Possibly. It will depend on if you are just starting out, how often you are practicing, and how your body individually repairs itself. It is not uncommon to feel soreness the day after or two days following a Pilates class, especially as you may be using muscles you’re not accustomed to working. Soreness can be eased with a warm bath, massage, and by drinking plenty of fluids.
What should I wear and bring with me to class?
Clients should come prepared for class wearing appropriate workout attire. No jeans are allowed. Barefoot or sox is recommended for Pilates. A water bottle, mat and towel are also recommended. If you forget your water or mat, we have it for sale at our boutique for your convenience. We also offer mat rental as option. Mat is not Requested for Reformer but is requested EXO Chair, and obviously for Mat Pilates.
Do I have to register online for classes?
Yes, we encourage all clients to register online prior to attending a class as some classes have limited availability. Pre-registering also allows us to track class attendance so we can continue to add more classes during popular times.
What is your cancellation policy for classes?
We require a 24-hour cancellation notice to avoid being charged for classes you’ve pre-registered for.
Can I attend classes if I am recovering from an injury or experiencing chronic pain?
It is always a good idea to consult your physician prior to beginning any exercise program following an injury or while you’re experiencing chronic pain. Our instructors are trained to handle many different body types and conditions including some rehabilitation. All of our classes are adaptable to help make sure you can still get a good workout while being conscientious of any particular body issues and/or injuries you may be dealing with. Pilates in particular can help tremendously when recovering from an injury or while experiencing chronic pain. It can also do a great job of preventing chronic pain and injuries by strengthening key muscles and creating a better balance within your body.
Should I eat before coming to class?
Your body is a finely tuned machine and thus needs energy to fuel it. Energy comes from food. While everyone’s body is unique and has different needs, we suggest making sure you’ve had at least a good snack a couple hours prior to attending a class so your body has fuel to burn. On the flip side, you don’t want to eat a large meal just prior to exercising as it will tend to make you feel heavier and sluggish as your body expends more energy to digest your meal.