We are body designers, motivators and believers

It all started with a love of Pilates, a passion for feeling strong and fit, and a unique desire to share this passion in our own way. The first Pilates Room Studio was opened in Little Italy, San Diego in 2004. Since then, we have been providing San Diego with high-quality Pilates classes for over 12 years across multiple locations. Whether you have a strong desire to get in the best shape of your life, or just want to try something new, we invite you to join us. We provide variety... and strive to serve only the best to a wide-range of ages, fitness levels, schedules and fitness regime "wish lists". Read more about our mission and goals, unique technique, and instructors.

Our loves? The feeling after a great workout, consistency, teamwork, bright colors, community, and waking up every day and deciding to own it. Be the change!

Our goal? That you feel empowered, inspired and recharged by time in our studios...and take a piece of that power with you when you leave.

Help us keep our promise! We'd love to hear from you